PlayStation emulators for Android

PlayStation emulators for Android

PlayStation 2 emulators

The PlayStation 2 (PS2) is a sixth generation console and was Sony’s successor to there incredibly successful console the PlayStation 1 (PSX). You can even find PlayStation emulators for Android, but you're better off playing PlayStation games on a high-end gaming PC.

There are several PS2 emulators developed keeping in mind mobile limitations. These emulators are compatible and optimized to run on Android devices. As mobile phones are equipped with high-end graphics and processing engines it is becoming palatable to install and play PS2 games on Android. Emulation of the PS2 has been rather successful, largely in thanks to the PCSX2 emulation project.

PPSSPP does to PSP games what PCSX2 does for PS2 games: It upscales textures and resolution to make old titles look better than they did on their original consoles. This feature is especially helpful since the PSP screen is so tiny.

RPCS3 is an impressive program that's still in development, but you can play and debug thousands of PlayStation 3 titles with it.

XEBRA is a simple PlayStation emulator for Windows and Android that prioritizes authenticity.

Neutrino SX2 was one of the earliest open source emulators for the the PS2, it showed that emulating the PS2 was possible, however NeutrinoSX2 was never able to actually emulate a commercial game, but it left behind a lot of well put together documentation.

PCSX2 is a super PS2 Emulator for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It manages to run almost every single game, and it does this reasonably fast and accurate. If you plan on playing PS2 games you cannot go past PCSX2.

PTWOE is an emulator which are available on Play Store as was being received well by the gamers but was removed from the Store for unknown reasons.

Netspor App for Android gives you access to all that your need during your sporting event. Whether your love is for Football, Cricket, Rugby, Golf, Tennis, Motorsport or other sport

RetroArch isn't a single emulator, but rather a collection of emulators, called “cores,” that let you play thousands of classic games for dozens of consoles all on one PC. The PS1 core is called Beetle PSX, and its superior to most standalone original PlayStation emulators.

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